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A new era for sports trading begins now!

Discover the new era of sports trading with security and technology advanced technology that only national exchanges can offer.

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Accessible and transparent


Commission of just 5.6% on profit


Free use of Layback X and Bot


Greater market liquidity

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Your epic trading journey

Layback.io is an exchange where traders can make entries into sporting events. A system that integrates accessibility and transparency, so that actions are consistent and assertive.
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Exclusive advantages for Layback.io users

Benefits designed strategically to boost your greens!


Free Layback X and Layback Bot tools!

Layback.io users have the advantage of free access to Layback X and Layback Bot to expand your strategies and put you ahead in sports trading. Enjoy the freedom and competitive advantage that only Layback offers!


Bot migration without losing any data

Keep your strategies and precious data intact: we migrate your bots safely to the Layback.io ecosystem.


Withdraw your profits with confidence and without surprises!

Total transparency on your earnings: enjoy a flat rate of 5.6% on profits, with no surprises when withdrawing.

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Safety in every operation


Advanced Security Standards

We prioritize security with advanced encryption and rigorous protocols, aligned with the high standards of the sports trading market.


Regular Audits and Transparency

We guarantee the reliability of the platform with frequent and independent audits, to ensure total transparency in operations.


Total Transaction Protection

We protect every transaction with advanced technology to ensure the security and privacy of your data and funds on Layback.io.

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Start in the world of trading without fear of investing!

At Layback.io, your security is not a gamble. We constantly invest in cutting-edge technology and best practices to ensure your transactions are carried out with the confidence and protection you deserve.

  • Start with a deposit of just R$30,00.
  • Bets from R$1,00.
  • Withdrawal available in 1 business day.
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Set the game. Dictate the rules.

Access Layback.io and control your bets. Establish your own odds and strategies on a platform designed to amplify your performance in sports trading.

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Discover the free tools that Layback.io offers you!

Ícone de Layback BotLayback Bot

Create strategic and automated entries

Layback Bot is an autonomous system that allows the creation of strategies and methods for sports betting on Layback.io and the main exchanges on the market.

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Dominate the market with Layback X

Assertiveness and real-time control for your sports trading operations, Layback X is the manual tool for traders who play to win.

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Be part of our community

You can ask your questions, talk to other traders and suggest improvements.

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Do you need help or have questions about sports trading?

Don't walk alone, we are here with you. Access our support and clarify your doubts.

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