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Turn methods into numbers with Layback Bot

Control and autonomy to automate your strategies and methods and ensure effective entries.

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Strategic and automated entries

Layback Bot is an autonomous system that allows the creation of strategies and methods for sports betting on Layback.io and the main exchanges on the market.

Configure strategic commands through filters and possibilities and leave the inputs and outputs with Layback Bot.

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A Bot that executes your commands

Create a Bot and enter strategic commands. The tool is responsible for making all inputs and outputs following the established criteria.

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Operate in the cloud and ensure your operations are seamless. Don't miss any trading opportunities, the bot works autonomously.


Layback Bot is accessible, responsive and adaptable to any screen to ensure a consistent, intuitive and agile experience.


We offer comprehensive reports on each bot, providing valuable insights for analysis and identifying parameters that need to be adjusted.


Validate your trading strategies and simulate trading operations in real time. Ensure trust and security before investing capital.


Receive updates on your bots' performance with personalized notifications via Telegram.


Explore hundreds of parameters to customize your bots to your trading preferences and goals.

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Ícone de Types of ManagementTypes of Management

Explore advanced strategies

Discover the different types of management available and choose the best one for you


Profit/loss over stake

Full control over managing your investment capital by adjusting your bets based on the results of your operations.


Cycles Method

Progressive approach to maximize your profits, reinvest earnings in each cycle and amplify returns.



Increase your bet amount after each loss and take advantage of market opportunities for amplified profits.


Entry limit

Set a maximum number of entries at the same time to ensure everything runs as expected

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Peace of mind in your transactions


The login process and all information imported from your account are authorized and supervised by Betfair.


During the process, Betfair requests your authorization so that we can import your account information.


These authorizations and permissions can be changed at any time within your Betfair account.

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A plan for every need

Flexible plans designed to meet your individual demands in sports trading.

Select number of bots

20 bots
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$ 29.90 /month

Perfect for traders seeking competitive advantages

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What's included:

  • 20 active bots
  • 20 test bots
  • Valuable Insights
  • Cancel anytime
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Get access to all premium features for a limited time and discover how our Bot works

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Layback Backtest
Ícone de Layback BacktestLayback Backtest

Tool for testing and automation

Simulate and validate strategies through your histories with Backtest. Avoid risks and confirm the effectiveness of your approach before entering the market.

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Ícone de Layback.ioLayback.io

Sport exchange

With Layback.io, you determine your rules and set your own odds. Discover the new era of sports trading, made by and for sports lovers.

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Layback Bot is also compatible with Betfair and Bolsa de Apostas exchange tools.
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Be part of our community

You can ask your questions, talk to other traders and suggest improvements.

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Do you need help or have questions about sports trading?

Don't walk alone, we are here with you. Access our support and clarify your doubts.

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