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Simulate bot strategy in the past with Backtest

Evaluate the performance of strategies based on past games, make more assertive decisions in the present and maximize results.

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Explore the future of sports trading through the past

With an intuitive interface and powerful analytical capabilities, Backtest is a tool that simulates and validates methods based on past games.

The tool allows you to test strategies based on historical data to check their performance potential in the present. This helps identify patterns of success and optimize strategies before investing any financial resources.
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Tool for testing and automation

Layback Backtest analyzes your trading strategy using historical data, allowing you to test and refine methods before entering the market.

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Test strategies that can be used in real trades, obtain reports and perform minute-by-minute analysis to understand details and apply trends.


Connect to the main exchange platforms and maximize your opportunities. Get access to the most popular sports markets and trade with confidence.


Customize your trading strategies with a variety of criteria and filters. Explore different combinations and adjust your strategies according to your preferences and goals.


Power your trading decisions with our statistical analysis. Explore statistical metrics and indicators to identify patterns, trends and variances.

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Ícone de BenefitsBenefits

Validated and integrated strategies

Access effective strategies and easy integration, all in one a simple and intuitive platform.


Integration with Layback Bot

Connect Backtest to Layback Bot, access enhanced analytics, and refine your strategies, all in sync with your bot.


Filter editing

Review and refine your Backtest filters at any time. Adjust the criteria already acquired to perfect your strategy without additional costs.


Credits do not expire

Use your credits when you need them. They are always ready to activate new filters and strategies, with no expiration date.


Database updated weekly

Access the latest data with a database that is updated weekly, ensuring you have game information up to a week ago to refine your trading strategies.

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Secure your credits and develop efficient strategies

To use Backtest you need to add credits to your account. Choose the option that best suits your moment and start testing.

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3.500 créditos

R$ 39,90

Package with 3.500 credits.

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Master strategies with Backtest

Perfect your sports trading techniques with immediate access to detailed analysis and simulations.

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Create strategic and automated entries

Layback Bot is an autonomous system that allows the creation of strategies and methods for sports betting on Layback.io and the main exchanges on the market.

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Ícone de Layback.ioLayback.io

Sports exchange

Discover the new era of sports trading, made by and for sports lovers.

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Layback Bot is also compatible with Betfair and Betting Exchange.
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Be part of our community

You can ask your questions, talk to other traders and suggest improvements.

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Do you need help or have questions about sports trading?

Don't walk alone, we are here with you. Access our support and clarify your doubts.

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