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Your best ally in the pursuit of greens in Sports Trading!

Layback transforms the way you trade in sport. We combine cutting-edge technology and specialized insights to enhance your performance in sports trading.

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The bridge between you and success in sports trading

From curious beginners to seasoned professionals, Layback is equipped to elevate every moment of your trading. Explore, experiment and evolve with Layback.


Layback X

Manual Sports Trading Software

Quickly access and analyze with our intuitive platform. Use your expertise and carry out operations in the sports markets and professionalize your trade.

Compatible with Layback.io, Betfair, Bolsa de Apostas and optimized for multiple platforms.

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Layback X

Layback Bot

Automation tool

With Layback Bot, your strategy comes to life automatically. Automate your sports trading strategy with our cloud system and let the bot work for you.

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Layback Bot

Layback Backtest

Validate your strategies with information from the past

Simulate and validate your strategies using historical data with Backtest. Avoid risks and confirm the effectiveness of your approach before entering the market.

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Layback Backtest


Sports betting exchange

Step into the future of betting with Layback.io. A space where you determine the rules, defining your own odds. Immerse yourself in the new era of sports trading, made by and for sports lovers.

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Our advantages? Let those who use it tell

Find out what experienced traders are saying about Layback and why it stands out in sports trading.

Practicality is the word that sums it all up. Practice to download, learn, have advantages and be profitable.



Bot + software tools are essential in my trading.

Trading In Bot


Ease of market entry and exit operations

Vini Dias


This Layback team is so great... I'm proud to be a customer and be inspired by you

Natanael Do Vale


For me, it helps me make the best decision on the market!

Fábio Lima


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You can ask your questions, talk to other traders and suggest improvements.

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Do you need help or have questions about sports trading?

Don't walk alone, we are here with you. Access our support and clarify your doubts.

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